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Luc van Bussel is the Founder of Chief Hospitality: an international platform of keynote speakers on True Hospitality in a digital society.

A Warm Welcome to Chief Hospitality, the international platform dedicated to the deep value of True Hospitality in the digital era. In a world where disconnection prevails, we understand the compelling business benefits of fostering genuine connections and cultivating a sense of community. At Chief Hospitality, we proudly present a unique space where true Hospitality flourishes, and where international keynote speakers share their invaluable insights on this vital aspect of human interaction.

True Hospitality holds immense power

In today’s digital society, while technology has connected us in unprecedented ways, there is an undeniable yearning for deeper, more authentic relationships. The rise of social media and digital platforms has brought convenience, but it has also resulted in a veneer of detachment and anonymity. Recognizing this, Chief Hospitality believes that True Hospitality holds immense power to bridge this gap and elevate businesses to new heights of success and well-being. Today’s CEO is the perfect host. Agree?

True Hospitality break down barriers

Our platform is grounded in the belief that Hospitality extends far beyond excellent service and amenities. It encompasses the art of creating an environment where individuals feel genuinely welcomed, valued, and cared for. True Hospitality nurtures empathy, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of others. It has the potential to break down barriers, foster loyalty, and ultimately enhance the bottom line.

Chief Hospitality as a catalyst for business growth

Chief Hospitality is an unwavering catalyst for business growth, curating an exceptional lineup of international keynote speakers who embody the essence of True Hospitality. These influential experts, leveraging their extensive experience and profound insights, will inspire and guide you on a transformative journey. By embracing the principles of Hospitality, you will unlock the secrets to cultivating lasting connections, building brand loyalty, and creating unparalleled customer experiences.

Chief Hospitality and True Hospitality

Through Chief Hospitality, we envision a world where businesses thrive on a foundation of authentic connections—a world where individuals feel genuinely seen, heard, and valued. We proudly aspire to create spaces where people can openly share their experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to tackle industry challenges. By embracing the transformative power of Hospitality, we aim to reshape the business landscape, fostering a society where kindness and understanding drive success.

Join us on this extraordinary journey toward business excellence

Together, with an unwavering focus on the compelling benefits of True Hospitality, we can ignite a new era of success for your organization. Chief Hospitality invites you to unlock the remarkable potential of True Hospitality as we collectively shape a future where businesses thrive, customers are delighted, and success knows no bounds.

Meet our True Hospitality Speakers

  • Luc van Bussel, Chief Hospitality, keynote speaker about Hospitality and author

    Luc van Bussel

    Hilversum | The Netherlands

    Luc is the Founder of Chief Hospitality: an international platform of keynote speakers on True Hospitality in a Digital Society. Luc is a visionary leader who understands the importance of Hospitality in the digital age. As the Founder of Chief Hospitality, he is a leading voice on how Hospitality can provide a warm and nurturing foundation for building genuine connections person-to-person. ...

  • Chief Hospitality Keynote speaker Colin Burns

    Colin Burns

    New York | USA

    As one of the preeminent private club managers in the US, Colin helped set new standards at a one of the world’s most renowned private clubs, Winged Foot Golf Club. The name is synonymous with championship golf, elegance and a warm and embracing environment. When Colin arrived in 1991 his mission was simple, make the club as great as its reputation; this was no simple task. A very traditional club set in its ways. ...

  • Chief Hospitality Keynote speaker Paul Geraeds

    Paul Geraeds

    Rotterdam | The Netherlands

    Imbued with an unwavering passion for marketing and tourism, Paul has been a pillar in the hospitality industry for over three decades. His roles in varied management capacities, as a distinguished supervisor, and as an independent consultant, have allowed him to cultivate a wealth of knowledge and experience. His fascination with human behavior was forged through the fires of managing diverse international teams across various markets. ...

  • Chief Hospitality Keynote speaker Madiha Mouchtak sitting on a chair

    Madiha Mouchtak

    Amsterdam | The Netherlands

    Madiha is a sought-after Business Mentor and Accelerator, renowned for her practical and no-nonsense approach to driving sustainable transformation across diverse industries. She is the Netherlands Country Chair for Sustainable Businesses with the G100 and a respected Advisory Board Member at the Global Artificial Intelligence Forum. Her extensive background as a Clinical Rapid Transformational Coach/Therapist adds a unique perspective to her work. ...

Gastgevers in Geluk

‘Gastgevers in Geluk’ is a revealing story about the mystery of heartwarming Hospitality. The book takes the reader to The Magic Hotel in Hawaii and explains its success in seven steps. The result is returning guests: guests who don’t want to go home anymore. Luc van Bussel gives service a new, deeper meaning and introduces new concepts such as reachable, palpable, listening, resolving, surprising, pampering and backward-looking. The book is the best proof that people cannot live without each other and that face-to-face meetings are the real connection in a digital society. ‘Gastgevers in Geluk’ is an ode to people in the service sector and a manual for managers looking for returning guests or customers.

In the book, twenty-nine striking guest writers share their vision on hospitality. They complete the book and give the reader a broad view of the world of Hospitality.

Gastgevers in Geluk cover boek