Vincent Somsen

Vincent heads the AI division at Growth Advisors International Network (GAIN), the leading global travel and hospitality innovation and growth advisory firm based in Phoenix, USA. Specializing in guiding hotels, travel tech companies, venture capitalists, and DMOs worldwide, GAIN is a go-to resource in the industry. Born into a hotelier family in The Netherlands, Vincent possesses deep knowledge of the challenges hotel owners and managers encounter daily.

His experience with esteemed brands such as Waldorf Astoria and W Hotels, both in the Netherlands and the USA, has equipped him with invaluable operational insights. This background uniquely positions Vincent to offer expert advice to the hospitality sector. Vincent is an alumnus of Hotelschool The Hague and NOVA SBE and also holds a certification from Cornell University.

In an era where digital connections often eclipse genuine human interactions, the hospitality industry stands at a crossroads. Vincent, who spearheads the AI division at Growth Advisors International Network (GAIN) and hails from a proud Dutch hotelier family, sees an opportunity amidst the challenge. He believes that with the right touch, AI can be the bridge that reconnects people in a more authentic way and provide operational efficiencies at the same time.

Drawing from his vast experience with renowned brands and armed with insights from leading educational institutions, Vincent champions a unique vision: "In our digitally-driven world, AI isn't about replacing the human touch but enhancing it. For hotels, it can personalize experiences, anticipate needs, and ensure guests feel truly seen and valued."

For Vincent, AI in hotels goes beyond smart room controls or chatbot concierges. It's about understanding a guest's preferences so deeply and quickly that their stay becomes an unforgettable experience tailored just for them. AI can analyze data to detect patterns, which in turn can lead to more personalized guest experiences – from the temperature of their room to the type of pillow they prefer.

He envisions a future where hotels, backed by AI's prowess, become havens of true connection and tailored experiences. In this digital age, Vincent challenges the hospitality sector: Let's not just offer rooms, but memories crafted with precision and warmth. Let AI guide us back to the heart of hospitality.

Future-proofing the Hospitality Industry
with Artificial Intelligence

In this Presentation Vincent will expose the transformative impact of AI on the Hospitality Industry. Vincent demonstrates through practical examples how AI implementations can provide significant advantages and boost efficiency for Hospitality in the current landscape.
Attendees will also get insights into the future of work in the hospitality sector as we explores how traditional roles may evolve in response to AI advancements.

  • Examples of AI Tools

  • Future-Proof

  • Practical Recommendations


  • Advisor & Head of AI at Growth Advisors International Network

  • Alumni Hotelschool The Hague

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Vincent's Keynote

  • Keynote • 60 min
    (Online / Offline)

  • Masterclass • 90 min
    (Online / Offline)

Dive deep into Vincent's presentation, "Future-proofing the Hospitality Industry with Artificial Intelligence”. Begin your journey with an understanding of how AI is redefining the industry's landscape. Vincent simplifies AI, comparing its technical definition to a more light-hearted and relatable one, and introduces you to tools like ChatGPT, the cutting-edge AI chatbot by OpenAI. Trace the incredible progression of AI enhancements over the past 18 months and explore the myriad ways in which AI is already enhancing guest services, marketing tactics, and operational efficiencies in today's hotels.

But, what's on the horizon? Delve into the implications of AI on job roles, the personalization of customer experiences, and the pressing ethical considerations it brings. Vincent wraps up by charting a course for the future, offering practical strategies and examples of AI tools to seamlessly integrate AI into your hospitality business. Join Vincent to envision an AI-enhanced future and ensure your hospitality business readiness for it.

What to expect

  • A deep dive into the transformative role of AI in the hospitality industry

  • Examples of effective AI tools currently available and trending in hospitalty

  • Vincent's intriguing perspective on AI, comparing definitions

  • An introduction to ChatGPT, OpenAI's pioneering AI chatbot

  • A comprehensive timeline showcasing the advancements in AI over the past year and a half

  • Insights into the real-world and current applications of AI: from guest services to hotel operations

  • A glimpse into the future: anticipated impacts of AI on hotel job roles and guest experiences

  • An in-depth discussion on the ethical challenges surrounding AI in hospitality

  • Practical strategies and tips from Vincent to help you embrace AI in your operations

  • An opportunity to align your business strategies with an AI-forward vision for the hospitality sector

What not to miss?

  • Cutting-edge insights on AI's role in hospitality

  • Exclusive audit findings from a project Vincent executed for a hotel group

  • Introduction to ChatGPT – revolutionizing guest interactions

  • Insightful applications of AI in today's leading hotels

  • Deep dive into the ethical implications of AI in the industry

  • Hands-on strategies for smoothly adopting AI in your establishment

Vincent's Masterclass was a key highlight of our event - Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS, offering a candid look at the benefits of AI for hotels. His friendly, jargon-free talk made the topic of AI approachable for all attendees, drawing on real-life examples that sparked a lively dialogue among participants.

His skillful presentation bridged the gap between theoretical AI benefits and actual operational impact, providing hoteliers with a clear vision for their technology investments. We got very positive feedback from our attendees after the event.

Melle Pegman review Vincent TomsenMelle Pegman, Owner | Hotelprofessionals. & Owner | MJ People & Initiator | Hotel Leaders Network & Organiser |HOTELVRIJMIBO

Vincent's expertise and insights into AI in the hospitality industry are truly commendable. His recent masterclass at New Baltic Hospitality Forum 2023 "Future-proofing the Hospitality Industry with Artificial Intelligence?" with Michael Cohen provided a thought-provoking look into the exciting possibilities and the current state of AI implementation in our sector.

Vincent's in-depth knowledge and forward-thinking approach are highly valuable for those seeking to remain on the cutting edge of innovation in hospitality. His commitment to knowledge sharing and fostering creativity positions him as an excellent choice for industry leaders and events. A big thank you to Vincent for a truly enlightening session!

Anete-Johanna Vedder, Co-Founder | New Baltic Hospitality Forum & Organiser of NBHF 2023

Vincent gave a smart and concise presentation at our event for young hotel professionals, showcasing how AI can be pragmatically applied to enhance hotel operations. Attendees clearly appreciated his talent to break down complex AI subjects into understandable, bite-sized pieces.

His expertise was evident, yet it was his approachable manner and attention to practicality that resonated most with our audience, making AI a lot more accessible and manageable for our hospitality industry professionals. Job well cone Vincent!

Sander Allegro review Vincent SomsenSander Allegro, Owner | Allegro INN Ovations & Chairman | Quality Lodgings

Vincent's talk at Hotel Vrijmibo Connects made the complex topic of AI in hospitality easy and interesting. He presented the information with a mix of passion and down-to-earth explanations, showing his real hope for the industry's growth with new technology.

His simple way of explaining things made it easy for the audience to grasp how AI could make a difference in their hotels, from the front desk to managing guest services. Vincent's ability to connect with the audience made the potential of AI more than just a concept; it became a practical tool they could envision using every day.

Jacob de Graaff review Vincent SomsenJacob de Graaff, Owner |Hotelprofessionals. & Owner | MJ People & Initiator | Hotel Leaders Network & Initiator | HOTELVRIJMIBO

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