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Madiha Mouchtak

Madiha is a sought-after Business Mentor and Accelerator, renowned for her practical and no- nonsense approach to driving sustainable transformation across diverse industries. She is the Netherlands Country Chair for Sustainable Businesses with the G100 and a respected Advisory Board Member at the Global Artificial Intelligence Forum. Her extensive background as a Clinical Rapid Transformational Coach/Therapist adds a unique perspective to her work, enabling leaders and their teams to unleash their full potential.

Over 24 years, Madiha has skilfully leveraged her powerful blend of "Mindset, Business and Tech”, to guide over 100 Founders, CEOs, and business leaders across 14 industries, empowering them to achieve sustained turnarounds, seamless transitions, and successful scaling of their businesses.

In response to the global shifts accelerated by the pandemic, Madiha founded "Answer Inside," a platform dedicated to supporting business leaders in adapting to the emerging new world.

This world is marked by new health and safety standards, digital advancements, sustainability initiatives, international market expansion, fierce competition, hyper-personalization and a strong focus on Sustainable Development Goals. All while navigating the post pandemic impact, the challenges of geopolitical unrest and of economic recession.

Through personalized strategies, inspiring talks, mentoring, training, and accelerator programs, Madiha empowers business leaders and their teams through Answer Inside, helping them adjust their strategies, business models and earning models. Her mission is to support leaders in building financially resilient and scalable operations that foster sustainable growth and lasting impact.

As an avid traveller and passionate advocate for the travel and hospitality sector, she harnesses her wealth of knowledge and cross-industry experience to expertly guide businesses within this industry amidst its monumental transformation. Madiha's speaking engagements for the Hospitality industry revolve around three pivotal themes:

  • Trend Watching: Madiha shares the latest economic shifts, industry trends, and technological advancements, equipping businesses to proactively embrace change and seize oppertunities.
  • Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Transitions, and Achieving Growth: With proven methodologies, Madiha empowers leaders to navigate complexity and lead successful transformations.
  • Mindset, Leadership Development, and Transformation Hero-Armies: Recognizing the importance of mindset in driving innovation and adaptability, Madiha prepares leaders and their teams to overcome uncertainties and turn them into possibilities.

In a world characterized by constant change and increasing uncertainty, Madiha firmly believes that "Because nothing is certain, everything is possible." Her engaging talks, futuristic view, practical expertise, and dedication to sustainable transformation make her an ideal choice to inspire audiences and foster transformation and growth in the Hospitality Industry.

Future-Proof Your Business
Thriving in Times of Unprecedented Change 

In a world where change is constant and uncertainty prevails, the right mindset, insights into real trends and effective adaptation strategies can not only help you weather the storm but emerge stronger than ever. This keynote provides crucial economic and technological insights, breakthrough mindset perspectives, reveals growth opportunities and guides you in mastering the art of transition and sustainable growth. Let's go future-proof your business and gain a competitive edge.

  • Future Centric

  • Mindset- Business-Tech

  • 100% Implementability


  • Founder and Managing Director of Answer Inside (Transition, Scale-up and Metaverse Solutions)

  • Advisory Board Member at the Global Artificial Intelligence Forum

  • Country Chair Netherlands – Sustainable Businesses G100: Mission Million

  • Clinical Rapid Transformation Coach & Therapist

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Madiha's Keynote

  • Keynote • 40 min
    (Online / Offline)

  • Masterclass • 90 min
    (Online / Offline)

  • Townhall Meeting • 60 min
    (Online / Offline)

Join Madiha on a captivating journey during her Hospitality-Transition keynote, where the transformation begins from the outside and takes you deep inside the realms of tomorrow's Hospitality landscape. This immersive experience starts with navigating the future, connecting the dots, and collectively shaping a shared vision. As we delve deeper, we explore the unprecedented changes that lie ahead, dissecting their implications for leaders, employees, and businesses alike. Madiha unveils the power of the human mind as an essential tool for breakthroughs.

The keynote further delves into the art of driving transformative change in a controlled and purposeful manner. Discover how leaders can harness the full potential of their Human Talent and advanced technology to not just survive but thrive in this rapidly evolving environment. Madiha's keynotes are a transformative experience, guiding you through the intricate journey of transition and innovation in the Hospitality industry. Prepare to unlock fresh insights and boldly embrace the future.

What to expect

  • Explore both visible and hidden global economic and technological trends

  • A deep dive into AI, Humanoid Robotics and the Metaverse/AR in the context of the Hospitality industry

  • An emerging vision for the future of the Hospitality

  • Emerging growth opportunities spanning various sectors, and specific to the Hospitality industry

  • Insights in how your emotions can guide you during times of change

  • The key mindset needed to breakthrough, both personally and in your business

  • Insights into the formula for successful transformational leadership

  • The formula for creating a sustainable business that has a positive impact on the world

  • The key pillars to focus on for business

  • The "Fix, Reset, Accelerate" your business formula for transitioning and scaling a business within 12 months

  • An approach for defining, assessing, developing and retaining talent

  • Strategies for building a Hero Army to support you in driving defined change effectively

What not to miss?

  • A Free Digital Business Scan and a Growth Mindset Scan

  • Straight talk - Sharing the real trends and connecting the dots

  • Empowerment - You are more than you see

  • Mindset- Business-Tech coming together

  • Unique Tech Use-cases videos

  • A Transition and scaling plan to go


Book: The Sustainable Turnaround
Fix, Reset and Accelerate your business to thrive in 12 months

I poured my heart, soul and 22 years of transformation and turnaround experience in this book in the last 7 months of 2020 ( 1st pandemic year) to support owners and leaders of the SME businesses see the trends that will emerge, get ready and adapt to preserve jobs and create decent work and economic growth for all.

A book that became an Amazon Best Selling book in 2021, got nominated in the Global Business Book award 2022 and found its way to 5 continents and 24 countries. You can order the book via your local Amazon.

Thank you so much Madiha! What a fascinating presentation!

Z. Roohi Ahmed, Entrepreneur en Change maker

Appreciate this conversation. Agree it is time for new thinking – new energy! Kudo’s to you on your book and your commitment to a resilient and change mindset!

B. Sarikas, Entrepreneur

WOW! A whirlwind of valuable information. Analysis, connecting the dots, I was thinking throughout the interview, where is this going? Why is she sharing all this information, what is the Clue? What a curiousity for events. Delightful! And then she adds that extra touch of Mindset… And at the end, she mentions “make sure you do this from your heart.” Ah man… that’s Purpose-driven entrepreneurship!

Daan Schmidt (and his colleague), Story Brand Podcast

Today I listened to your podcast interview. Wow, what a story you have. I am an entrepreneur who feels that things need to change, but I’m not yet sure about the how and what. So, I started following you and will delve deeper into your story.

M.Strootman, Entrepreneur

Outstanding content! Thankyou x

D. Diluce, Entrepreneur

It really is the most pivotal time in history, this is fabulous information to be aware of Madiha Mouchtak.

P. Barnard-Groves, Artist and Change maker

I met Madiha when she was delivering a talk to a group of women business book authors, aspiring authors and entrepreneurs. The author of a brilliant business book herself, her talk on growing your business despite the recession was captivating and fascinating.

Michaella Brown, PR and Communication for Change Makers

Fantastic session, Madiha.

Everyone was blown away by your insights.

Lucy McCarraher, Publisher and Founder of Rethink Press

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