Chief Hospitality Keynote speaker Paul Geraeds

Paul Geraeds

Paul is a beacon of dynamism, fueled by the formidable power of culture. Paul has a sound background with over 30 years’ experience in the international leisure and tourism domain. He personally experienced the diversity of cultures in his role as CEO and prior to this Chief Marketing Officer of Center Parcs Europe, heading international teams, demanding a tailored branding approach per consumer market. But foremost he is intrigued on the unspoken, but determining rules of a Anglo-Saxon company culture versus an Dutch-French environment.

Where ‘yes’ is ‘maybe’ and ‘maybe’ a guarantee for subtle resistance. Having worked as board director for a Private Equity partner he learned how a high performance culture combines top-results with personal growth. On the other hand how a small foundation can shift the way of thinking in a corporate environment. And yes, a well-defined and lived culture is the common denominator. In his current role as trusted advisor he daily faces the benefits and barriers of a defined company culture.

Each one of us navigates the world through the prism of our own unique frame of reference, a subconscious act that sometimes cultivates misunderstandings or even unnecessary conflicts. These could stem from the myriad complexities of gender, upbringing, generational perspectives, or diverse cultural backgrounds. In the grand scheme of human interactions, we are in dire need of a blueprint for genuine understanding, but even more paramount is an attitude of open-mindedness and receptivity.

Business entities are no exceptions; their cultures are crystallized behaviors, epitomized by the phrase, 'this is how we do things here.' Culture blossoms organically, even without deliberate guidance (by Chance). However, there exists a golden opportunity for us to consciously craft a synergistic corporate culture that propels the mission and ambition of the business to soaring heights (by Intent). A well-cultivated corporate culture, fostered on shared values and rituals, serves as a potent force, igniting the path towards achieving the mission.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

(Peter Drucker)

You have a choice to create a culture that works for you

There is no need to create a culture; it will develop itself anyhow. Where people are working together, without any guidance, a set of behavior habits and unspoken rules will occur naturally. Unseen, but truly felt. Regardless whether you’re a start-up or a large multinational. With true stories from founders and CEO’s we’ll guide you through their insights and learnings on how to create your company culture, matched with scientific insights. This gives you the toolbox to get started tomorrow. In this way your company culture will become the oxygen of your mission.

  • True company insights

  • Universal

  • Directly applicable


  • Trusted Advisor

  • Lecturer Corporate Governance

  • Vice president Dutch Tourist Board (NBTC)

  • Chair Association of Supervisory Directors and Directors (NCD)

  • Supervisory Board Member RCN Holiday Villages (RCN)

  • Supervisory Board Member No5 Foundation

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Paul's Keynote

  • Keynote • 30-40 min
    A riveting 30-40 minute physical engagement

  • Masterclass • 120 min
    A transformative 2-hour physical experience

Your culture; unleashed by Accident or Intent?
In his captivating sessions, he embarks on vibrant dialogues, grounding his discussions in his rich tapestry of experiences spearheading international teams, complemented by profound interviews with the visionaries - the CEOs and founders of distinct enterprises.

With a seasoned background as a CEO, CMO, and Associate Partner, and years engrained in a commissioner's role, Paul brings to the fore anecdotal examples, infusing life and practicality into theories. He navigates you through a succinct theoretical backdrop but also actively engages participants in sculpting the five pivotal steps to cultivate a thriving corporate culture. A journey with Paul promises moments of recognition, delightful surprises, and awe-inspiring revelations.

What to expect

  • Anchored in real-world international case studies

  • Immediately applicable strategies for businesses of all scales and types

  • Infused with humor, drawn from true-to-life examples and interactive discussions

  • Interactive session

  • Bespoke approaches, allowing tailormade applications to your very own enterprise (Master Class)

What not to miss?

  • Your 5-steps guide into creating a company culture

  • Challenging dialogues

  • A changed way of understanding the driving forces of different cultures


Having co-authored the management book 'De Confetti Company' and 'Pionieren in Vakantievieren', a book on the evolution of the leisure industry in Europe, Paul offers his sage advice to companies aiming to ascend to the next phase of growth or strategize a possible sale. In every endeavor, he brings his wealth of experience, empathetic understanding, and perceptive insights, steadfastly committed to propelling the hospitality industry to new heights.

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