Chief Hospitality Keynote speaker Petra Scholling Löfbom

Petra Schollin Löfbom

The Hospitality Business has been the home for Petra Schollin Löfbom for over 3 decades. It really does feel like home to her. From the angle of a human being being human in the hospitality industry she wants to sow seeds of new ways to make people feel like home.

Petra has worked with sales, marketing and leadership in different capacities during the years, in small hotels aswell as in larger ones. The WHY that motivates her is the combined wellbeing of guests, employees and the company. The journey has brought her loads of joy, frustration, successes, failures and beautiful encounters with other human beings.

Being a leader in a hospitality business is a social quest in so many ways. Grasping the bigger picture and being able to convey it to your coworkers and to your guests and customers is probably the single most important task. The answer to the why are we doing this gives purpose to the individual as well as to the organization.

The digitalization in hospitality brings challenges and possibilities. “As a fan of change I welcome the new tools that we have received in our toolbox and that we keep receiving.  As long as we see them as tools for us to use. To use them to grow an even more human and welcoming hospitality business.”

The contribution Petra wants to bring is the one of sowing seeds. Sowing seeds in your mind that could start to grow and flourish if the conditions are favorable or they will just lie in the back of your mind waiting for the right circumstances.

To understand Hospitality today I believe that we need to understand the underlying human behavior. When encountering guests, coworkers, suppliers and others we will meet a diverse array of reactions and interactions. Not always easy to understand nor to handle.

But let us make it easier by understanding that we all grow our seeds in different soils under our own unique circumstances. And yet we are all very much alike and can thrive together.

The subjects that are ment to make you think are for example:
- Understanding human beings
- What are we building together?
- Why are we in this business?
- Why words matter
- How do I make my guests feel like they never want to leave?

The difficult simplicity of Hospitality
7 Seeds to keep it simple 

The constant change in our world is challenging us to keep it simple. To keep our mind set on the big picture and at the same time do great things in the day to day work. This keynote will not give you answers. But it will make you reflect upon how you are taking care of guests and collegues today and how you want to do it in the future. And why!

  • Relatable

  • Easy to implement

  • Hopeful


  • GM of smaller and larger hotels during 25 years

  • Founder of PSL hotellkonsult, hotel adviser

  • Sensing Yoga instructor and founder of The Yoga Hug

  • Human being

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Petra's Keynote

  • Keynote • 60 min

In this keynote you will probably be able to relate to the situations and challenges that are described. The vision that Petra has is to help simplifying the everyday work of hospitality leaders.  To bring joy aswell as more profitable businesses by sowing seeds of thinking in a slightly different way.

The keynote can be “tailormade” to suit your current situation and to the needs of the audience at hand.

What to expect

  • Some AHA – moments

  • Reflections of day to day business

  • Thoughts about yourself and others

  • Simplifying as a guide to higher quality

What not to miss?

  • 5 seeds to keep Hospitality simple

  • Personal stories and anecdotes
  • Many practical tips to start tomorrow

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