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Press Release ChiefHospitality is a platform with international keynote speakers a platform with international keynote speakers launches Chief Hospitality: a platform with international keynote speakers

AMSTERDAM, 7 November 2023 –, the booking platform for meeting venues, today launches its new international platform Chief Hospitality with keynote speakers on the theme of Hospitality. Global Voices uniting Hospitality is the motto. The platform is aimed at directors, leaders and managers of service companies, organizations, institutions and communities who strive for ‘service excellence’ and a ‘warm corporate culture’. In a digital society, the human connection is increasingly losing out to the digital connection.

Chief Hospitality is going to put ‘human language’ back on the map alongside digital.

Human Language vs. Digital
“If everything becomes digital, human language will make the difference again,” says Luc van Bussel, CEO & Chief Hospitality of “Our vision is that people can’t live without each other. Certainly not in this digital society. The pandemic has confirmed our vision that people want to come together and meet each other. Hospitality inspires and intensifies the power of hospitality so that employees, guests and customers really feel at home in a new environment. Excellent service organizations never leave this to chance,” says Van Bussel.

7 Chiefs in Hospitality
Chief Hospitality introduces the first seven international ‘Chiefs’ of Hospitality, each with a unique personal, timeless story about the value and importance of hospitality for every human organization: Luc van Bussel (founder), Colin Burns, Paul Geraeds, Madiha Mouchtak, Bruno Rouffaer, Petra Schollin Löfbom and Vincent Somsen are the first seven speakers on the platform. The platform will introduce many new international speakers in the coming period. For more information about the first speakers, visit their page on the website.

Connecting vs. Polarizing
Chief Hospitality’s sustainable mission is to ‘bring society together’ again with inspiring stories and formulas about hospitality. “At this juncture, society is under pressure from increasing polarization. Bringing people together seems further away than ever. Chief Hospitality wants to make a sustainable contribution to connection, as a vaccine against the growing polarization and calls on directors, leaders and managers to make humanity and collaboration top priority again,” says Van Bussel.

About Chief Hospitality:
Chief Hospitality is a new international platform with keynote speakers about Hospitality in a digital world.  The platform is an initiative of Luc van Bussel, CEO & Chief Hospitality of, a booking platform for meeting venues. Chief Hospitality offers bookers of keynote speakers a wide range of international speakers from different countries, continents and cultures. The mission of Chief Hospitality is to promote human connection, the fellow human organization and a society in which human scale becomes the norm again.

Below you will find more information about the first seven speakers:
– Luc van Bussel –
– Colin Burns as
– Paul Geraeds –
– Madiha Mouchtak:
– Bruno Rouffaer:
– Petra Schollin Löfbom:
– Vincent Somsen:


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