City of Hospitality

The Welcoming Municipality: Oldenzaal Leukste Gemeente 2024

A Home for All

Home is where the heart is

And a city of hospitality ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or situation, can settle down and feel valued there. The concept of a hospitable municipality transcends basic services and infrastructure; It’s about creating an inclusive, accessible, and engaged community. This hospitality manifests itself through various sectors such as hospitality, retail, culture, healthcare, but also through the green and innovative initiatives that the municipality undertakes.

Green and sustainable initiatives

A city of hospitality recognizes the importance of a healthy, sustainable environment for the well-being of its residents. Green initiatives such as parks, green spaces and community gardens are essential. Not only do they provide a place for relaxation and recreation, but they also improve air quality and promote biodiversity. By making green spaces accessible, residents feel more connected to their municipality and each other, contributing to a stronger sense of community.

Innovation and Technology

In addition to green initiatives, innovation plays a crucial role in making a municipality hospitable. An innovative municipality uses technology to improve quality of life and make services more efficient. Think of smart lighting, the use of apps for municipal services, and smart mobility projects that promote both accessibility and sustainability. These technological advances make the municipality not only more functional but also more attractive to both young professionals and the elderly.

The Role of Hospitality, Retail and Culture

The local restaurants and shops are often the beating heart of a community, where encounters take place and social ties are strengthened. A hospitable service and personal attention in these establishments contribute to a warm welcome. Cultural activities such as festivals, museums, and theaters serve as bridges between different communities, celebrating and sharing the rich diversity of the municipality.

Care and Community Services

A welcoming municipality provides accessible care and support, where everyone feels heard and respected. This includes physical health care, mental health support, and social services that contribute to a supportive community for all.

Example: Oldenzaal

Oldenzaal serves as a shining example of a municipality that puts these principles into practice. As the recently named ‘The Best Municipality in the Netherlands’, Oldenzaal has proven that a combination of hospitality, green spaces, and innovative solutions contribute to a living environment where people feel at home. With a thriving local economy, engaged community life, and forward-thinking projects, Oldenzaal sets a standard for what it means to be a home for all.

A City of Hospitality is more than a place to live

It is a place where everyone feels at home. This requires a commitment to sustainability, innovation, cultural inclusivity, and a strong sense of community. Oldenzaal has embraced this vision and shows how a municipality can flourish as a home for all its residents. In Oldenzaal they will always find something to celebrate!  Let us follow this example and strive for congregations that are not just places to live, but to live.

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13 May 2024 |