The Birth of Luxury Hospitality: When Ritz met Escoffier

Cesar Ritz en Auguste Escoffier Chief Hospitality Insight 24 juli 2023

The late 19th and early 20th centuries marked a revolution in the world of luxury Hospitality

At the heart of this revolution were two men: Cesar Ritz and Auguste Escoffier, whose partnership set a precedent in defining luxury Hospitality as we know it today. The meeting between these two Hospitality magnates in London laid the foundation for a new era of hotel and restaurant experiences, creating a unique blend of sophistication, quality service, and culinary finesse.

The Early Years

Cesar Ritz was born into a poor Swiss family in 1850. Despite the initial hardship, his unwavering ambition and entrepreneurial spirit propelled him from a sheepherder and wine waiter in his teenage years to becoming the manager of the Grand Hotel in Monte Carlo and the National Hotel in Lucerne. His commitment to providing an excellent guest experience earned him the nickname “King of Hoteliers and Hotelier to Kings.”

Auguste Escoffier, born in France in 1846, was a trailblazer in his own right. Apprenticed in a local restaurant at the age of 13, he quickly rose through the ranks of various French kitchens. His contribution to the culinary arts, including modernizing traditional French cooking methods and recipes, made him a culinary icon, and he is still referred to as the “King of Chefs and Chef of Kings.”

The Meeting in London

The paths of Ritz and Escoffier crossed in 1890 when Richard D’Oyly Carte, the impresario of the Savoy Theatre, hired Ritz to run the Savoy Hotel in London. Recognizing the need for an exceptional kitchen to complement his vision for the hotel, Ritz invited Escoffier to join him.

Ritz’s intuition was correct; together, they turned the Savoy into a hub for the high society of Europe. The hotel offered an unprecedented level of luxury, from private bathrooms, electricity, and telephone services in each room to the highest standards of service, all meticulously managed by Ritz himself. Meanwhile, Escoffier revolutionized the dining experience, introducing a la carte dining to replace the conventional table d’hôte (set menu) and pioneering the concept of “dishes of the day.”

The Legacy

In 1898, following their success at the Savoy, Ritz and Escoffier opened the legendary Hôtel Ritz in Paris. Here, they continued to innovate and push the boundaries of luxury, including offering the first hotel to provide a bathroom for each room.

Their partnership was key to the success of the establishments they ran. Ritz’s devotion to guest service and Escoffier’s culinary mastery made their hotels and restaurants a beacon for the European elite and later the world.

Moreover, their influence went beyond their own establishments. They trained a generation of hoteliers and chefs who carried their principles around the globe, laying the foundation for the modern luxury Hospitality industry. Many practices they initiated, such as a focus on impeccable service, fine dining, and comfortable, well-appointed rooms, are standards in luxury hotels and restaurants today.

The meeting of Cesar Ritz and Auguste Escoffier in London heralded a new era in high-end Hospitality. Together, they raised the bar for luxury hotels and fine dining, setting standards that continue to shape the global industry. Their dedication to excellence, innovation, and an unmatched guest experience immortalizes them as true pioneers and legends of the Hospitality world.

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